Car Service

Global Chauffer Services


The Roadshow

Preparation is 50% of the battle

Assess the schedule

Make sure the details
are accurate & complete

Define vehicle type
and amenities

Check & confirm 
chauffer availability

Schedule and itinerary
engineering & crosschecks

Plan B resource


The Roadshow

Prepared to manage all logistics challenges

24/7 in-house
customer support

Real-time service
monitoring (flights,traffic)

Live ride status
notifications (Email, SMS)

Local recommendations 


The Roadshow

Service follow-up & cost analysis

Automated daily
and final reports

Transparent final

Post-Event debrief
with your team

Expect our

full support

We support you every step of the way

SPOC manager
A designated coordinator manages the client’s needs from start to finish.

Quality assured
Through a 5-stage vetting process, Limos4 standardizes, supervises and evaluates the service in all cities.

24/7 responsiveness
We can be reached by phone, email, live website chat and WhatsApp in any time zone, and act accordingly.

Ride status updates
To enable you to keep track of the client’s position, we provide you with real-time ride status notifications via email and SMS.

Live service monitoring
Keeping a watchful eye on every aspect of the ongoing service, our customer-centric team ensures any issue is quickly resolved.