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We will take care of your clients with 100% quality assurance and a white-label service that’s all-inclusive.

Why PLS Is

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Affiliate Partner

We act as your alter ego wherever
you are whenever you need us.

Our quality assurance system includes five short-term and long-term vetting phases that ensure service consistency.

Service Standardization
No matter what type of service is needed, you get the same value in 200+ different cities.

The constant substantial volume of service we provide and special partnership ties make our rates more competitive than those of any local supplier.

Single Point Of Contact
Bookings and on-site coordination are handled by one person, rather than multiple suppliers with whom you have no prior experience.

We have 24/7 in-house representatives that are available via multi-channels to assist you at any time.

White Label
With our white-label solutions, we can customize the services with your logo, label, and identity without you having to invest in infrastructure and technology.

Maintaining Service Levels

Across The Globe

Excellence Standards Worldwide

In every city, we select our suppliers according to a unique process

To establish and maintain its supplier network worldwide, PLS has developed and implemented a unique Quality Assurance process.

We have a Quality Assurance process that describes how we locate, select, control and evaluate our suppliers around the world. This process usually lasts at least a year, and certain phases can last indefinitely.

The goals of our process are to:

  • standardize the service in all cities,
  • supervise the service performance in all cities,
  • evaluate the overall quality of service in all cities.

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Insights & Answers

To Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s Asked By Ground Transport Companies

Our company respects our partners’ companies, their clients, and the work they send to us. Customer loyalty and mutual trust are irreplaceable to us, and we would never steal any of our customers. Furthermore, our contract with our suppliers specifically forbids and requires us to take legal action against any such misdeeds.

All our vehicles are without any markings. When white-labeling, we do our best to keep the company’s brand and to mark the vehicles in accordance with the specification.

We cover more than 200 major cities in Europe, Middle East and the USA.

It is usually impossible to get partner rates from a local operator based on one or two bookings since they expect loads of bookings first. We have already done this, and we have the right to better pricing due to the volume of work we farm out. Getting a better price requires lengthy negotiations led by an Affiliate Manager whose time and efforts can be quite costly. As a result, we offer flat affiliate rates that last for a year, allowing our partners to mark them up.

Yes. We regularly send live ride status updates via email or SMS or both.

Yes, we are able to send GPS coordinates via email or SMS, per request.

Our reporting process is designed to be reliable and fast. This ensures that our partners are always up to date on the costs associated with our service. Our reports contain detailed service information, flat rate amounts and additional costs with clear descriptions. They are emailed as soon as the service is completed or whenever requested. With our customized reports, you can view individual or multiple jobs in chronological order, by day, or by all jobs.

Our supplier network counts more than 200 partners. In addition, we have more than 70 operators as a backup.

We choose very carefully because we use only commercially licensed and fully vetted suppliers. With all our experience and expertise, we have developed and implemented a unique Quality Assurance Procedure that is applied to the search, entry, and evaluation of each supplier. To get started, we assess each supplier by checking and evaluating the following aspects of their business to see if the potential supplier fits our strict Quality Assurance standardization process:

– Infrastructure
– Fleet
– Sanitation and safety
– Licensing
– Appropriate pricing
– Insurance premiums
– Client satisfaction
– Technology
– Responsiveness

Only if these preconditions are met, we continue with vetting and on-boarding processes.

We do it all the time and we do it for real. Our Quality Assurance Procedure is established to maintain the quality of service of our suppliers.
This procedure applies the standards during 5 phases, and some phases last at least a year or even indefinitely.

1. Vetting phase – we check business registration certificates, solvency, general liability and vehicle insurances, the drivers’ criminal and driving records, their appearance and manners, level of English;
2. On-boarding phase – imposing standards through synchronization and unification by intensive negotiations and, eventually, by signing the contract between two parties;
3. Auditing phase – a “trial” period, during which our specialized supplier relations team conducts numerous on-site checks, usually invisible to the supplier, such as frequent “ghost rides”;
4. Evaluating phase – the supplier’s responsiveness, compliance, flexibility, complaints and drivers` performance are monitored by recurrent quality control audits;
5. Extension phase – improve already established quality of service and bring more value to the business, through our technological innovations, customer-orientated approach and counseling about new trends in our industry.

The drivers speak English as well as the official language of the country in which they provide services.

Our strict requirement is that chauffeurs wear a well-tailored dark suit, a white or light blue shirt, a dark tie and dark shoes that match the suit. A black coat is allowed in cold weather. For women chauffeurs, we require dark outfit with a scarf and dark shoes, with heel size for safe driving. We request no perfume and minimum of jewelry. In hot regions, such as the Middle East or South Asia, we allow our chauffeurs to wear white shirts, dark trousers and dark shoes.

Our chauffeur will wait for the passengers from 30 to 90 minutes after flight arrival time, depending on the size of the airport. Thereafter, every started hour of additional waiting time will be charged at the rate of our hourly service for the assigned vehicle. With the flight or train number given at the time of booking, our driver will be able to track the time of arrival and adjust the pickup time for delays and early arrivals, where possible. If there is a very long delay and the driver is not able to wait, our customer service team will contact you with an alternative solution. For a standard pickup (i.e. from a hotel or private address) our driver will wait 15 minutes. Thereafter, every started hour of additional waiting time will be charged at the rate of our hourly service for the assigned vehicle.

For sedan and business van/SUV vehicles: If the service is cancelled up to 24 hours prior to the pickup time there is no cancellation fee. If the service is cancelled within less than 24 hours to the pickup time, the cancellation fee is 100% of the agreed amount for the booked service.

For minibus and coach vehicles: If the service is cancelled up to 5 days prior to the pickup time there is no cancellation fee. If the service is cancelled between 5 and 3 days prior to the pickup time, the cancellation fee is 50% of the agreed amount for the booked service. If the service is cancelled within less than 3 days prior to the pickup time, the cancellation fee is 100% of the agreed amount for the booked service.

For all vehicles: In case of cancellation or rebooking while the chauffeur is already on the way to the pickup location and/or there is less than an hour remaining until the start of the journey the full fare is to be charged. If the distance or number of hours is less than originally booked, the price remains unaffected.

A night fee of 20% applies to the service between 21.00 and 07.00.

We may charge a corporate card although we prefer to send a payment link. If we need to charge a corporate card, we will ask you to fill out a credit card authorization form to avoid disputes. It is also possible to pay by invoice at least 7 workdays before the date of service. Instead of paying on a ride-by-ride basis, you can request an open account option for monthly invoice billing. Once the open account is set up, the monthly invoices will be sent out within the first 3 workdays of each month, covering all rides in the previous month.

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