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Project Management

Planning is everything

Project coordination ahead of the events with your team

Defining the first draft planning for the entire event with your team

Defining the car & drivers allocation requirement with your team (2 weeks prior to the event)

Defining car park solutions and restricted area “official pass & car stickers” with your teamDefining precise KPI’s

Organizing an on-site inspection trip for your representatives to check all pickup and drop-off sites & a brief meeting with drivers

Providing Site map (interactive maps)Car park map

Pickup / drop-off point

  • Road closures
  • Security briefing(s)
  • Daily shuttle schedule engineering

Backup solutions



We get the job done

24/7 in-house Event team support

WhatsApp group chat for communication of the teams (your team, Limos4 Customer Care and on-site coordinators)

Live flight monitoring

Live roads monitoring (road closures, route updates & amendments, etc)

Live ride status notifications (WhatsApp, email, SMS)

Daily reporting to your team – full transparency:

  • Modifications made
  • Canceled services(s)
  • New bookings made
  • Additional charges



Automated costs reporting

  • Automatically generated all-encompassing final report
  • KPI’s fulfillment evaluation
  • Transparent calculation of all refunds and additional charges
  • Post-service debrief with your team
  • Live ride status notifications (WhatsApp, email, SMS)

Experts at the art of event transportation logistics…