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Add an extra pair of hands to handle chauffeured rides and forget about it.

Here’s How The

PLS Services

Can Help You

We have decade-of-experience connoisseur
teams in place to manage all types of high-end
concierge ground transportation services. .

Complete Set Of Services
We have you covered from airport transfers and road shows to guided tours, and everything in between.

We treat each client personally and individually, with a fully flexible set of privileges, from the onboarding process to the option of ‘preferred chauffeurs’.

Luxury Vehicles
High-end vehicles is our specialty. In addition to our standard cars, you can hire a chauffeured Bentley, Maybach or Rolls-Royce.

Global Network
We think and act globally. Extreme efforts are made in order to ensure consistent service in 200+ cities on 5 continents.

Business & Leisure Services
Whether your customers are traveling for business or pleasure, our specialists can help you design and book respective packages.

Almost all our processes are automated, from reservation confirmations through ride status updates to receipts.


Transportation Mgmt.


Maintaining Service Levels

Across The Globe

Excellence Standards Worldwide

In every city, we select our suppliers according to a unique process

To establish and maintain its supplier network worldwide, PLS has developed and implemented a unique Quality Assurance process.

We have a Quality Assurance process that describes how we locate, select, control and evaluate our suppliers around the world. This process usually lasts at least a year, and certain phases can last indefinitely.

The goals of our process are to:

  • standardize the service in all cities,
  • supervise the service performance in all cities,
  • evaluate the overall quality of service in all cities.

Insights & Answers

To Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s Asked For Concierge Services

Online reservations should be requested 24 hours prior to your scheduled transportation service to confirm the availability. Scheduling a service by phone requires a notice of a minimum of 4 hours.

We do accept last-minute changes, but sometimes, despite all our efforts, we cannot accept such changes due to reduced availability which can be caused either by current events in the city or by a tight booking schedule that cannot be changed. Please note that such modifications, additional stops or service that differs from the originally booked service may result in additional costs.

Yes. A payment link would be sent as soon as our offer is accepted by phone, email or other communication channels.

To be billed after the service, please contact us.

The commission will be paid to you upon completion of the service by a bank transfer to the bank account you have designated.

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